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LD3 Mission 2024

America First Republicans in 2024

If you can not make it to the December 1st meeting,

give one of our team

members a call,

so we can help you

make your vote count!

Candace Czarny 928.821.5566

Jalene Griffin 480.826.1540

James Roth 312.286.6887

Tracy Martin 860.816.9500

Jamie Alford 480.282.1763

Candace Czarny

LD3 Chair

I retired from the corporate world (currently known as Verizon) as a long term planning executive. My management experience and skills give me the vision to plan, execute and implement objectives, goals, and projects. Under my leadership the team produced the 1st long term real estate asset plan with a projected profit of $144 Mil.  

Since retirement I have taken these skill sets and created a business from the ground up that generates a 1.7 ROI and 45% profit margin. 

My passion for this Country, our Republic and our Constitution have caused me to take these skill sets and apply them at a grassroots level to empower PC’s to work together and create a force stronger than any adversary foreign or domestic.

I created the "PC Door Knocking – Becoming a Powerful Influencer" class and have taught almost 1000 PC’s across Arizona how to engage and convert neighbors into America First voters. 

I conceived of, initiated and presented the Paul Revere Plan to the PCs of LD3 to engage and assist PCs to get out the vote. The LD3 PCs approved this plan, budget and committee to create the 2022 Golden ticket that was a HUGH success in getting the voters out on election day. 

As a counter and forensics volunteer in the 2020 Audit I saw first hand the anomalies in the election. Since then I have developed a deep knowledge base on the election systems and processes.

I have coached several candidates in messaging for their campaigns, knocked on over 900 doors handing out the golden ticket in 2022, was a poll worker and cured ballots for the 2022 mid-term election.

I am excited to serve LD3 and the Mission 2024 team in making LD3 a force in 2024!

Jalene Griffin

1st Vice Chair

Volunteer Activities:

  • PC of the Year 2022 from LD 1
  • Full time Audit Volunteer
  • Deputy Registrar Believing in Election Integrity
  • Golden Ticket Committee
  • 2022 Curing Ballots
  • Door Knocking over 500 homes

I stepped up and worked as a poll worker in Carefree for 12 days as a clerk, then again in the General for 12 days as the Inspector. I personally experienced the irregularities in the election first hand.

I worked for a top Fortune 100 Global Health Service Company for 17 years. My responsibilities included training and, engaging with many customers on complicated platforms all over the United States. These skills will be critical in training and engaging our current PC’s and recruiting new PC’s through extensive programs.

We are here to support our children against the indoctrination in our schools. I spoke at school boards many times, and will assist any parent or grandparent to also speak out to save our children.

We the people of LD3 can help build a stronger more constitutional conservative America. Vote for the Mission 2024 Slate to build a strong conservative LD3.

James Roth

2nd Vice Chair

I worked as a litigation attorney for 35 years. After the the 2020 stolen election, I decided to get directly involved in the political process so I could put my shoulder to the wheel to try and save our country. I became a PC and a Precinct Captain in Rio Verde.

I also committed to work the 2020 Audit everyday and later worked in MCTEC to learn and observe the how the voting system is administered. I also have volunteered as an observer in adjudication, duplication, signature verification, and the hand count. Election night and the day after I worked with the RNC Election Integrity Team’s Legal Warroom. I am also working with a group that is trying to clean up the voter rolls and the legislative team in America Pack.

Throughout my career, I have been committed to community service as a volunteer in prison ministry, tutoring students, literacy tutoring, legal assistance to incarcerated mothers, working at the food bank, and 

the county extension program.

As 2nd Vice Chair, I will bring this same commitment to service and my years of professional training and experience to motivate and educate our PCs to be more effective in getting our voters out to vote for America First candidates.

I will also bring programs to educate and motivate the PCs on the political and cultural issues that are influencing public opinion so we can be more effective in influencing our voters to reject the steady stream of false information and leftist ideology we are daily fed by the establishment politicians and press.

Tracy Martin


I retired from the aerospace industry working with commercial and military programs and was especially passionate about my work to help keep our warfighters flying.

My decades of work experience in maintaining compliance for a multitude of Federal regulatory agencies was helpful in the transition to non-profits. In 40+ years I never failed an audit of any kind.

With my prior work in non-profit organizations and professional background, I was recruited to rescue a failing large, non-profit shooting club. I enlisted a new board with diverse skill sets to pull the club from bankruptcy to solvency. Today the club finances are sound and compliant with state and federal regulations and laws, the outdated By-laws and Policies have been revised and the club and board are well positioned for a successful future.

The events in 2020 hardened my resolve to learn more and do more to help save our Republic. My prior commitments toward that goal include:

  • Outstanding Precinct Committeeman 2022 LD1
  • MCTEC Observer for Primary and General Election
  • LD3 Golden Ticket Committee
  • Door-Knocking coordinator for Hastings, Gavilan Peak and Canyon Springs Precincts

I am excited about working with this team and making LD3 the most effect LD in Arizona. I ask you to vote for the Mission 2024 Team.

Jamie Alford


As a retired Strategic Account Manager with Valvoline Oil I managed corporate accounts from the top to the bottom, networking and managing relationships to bring projects to fruition.

Today I am a PC, Captain, and a Deputy Registrar and as a grassroots activist my involvement intensified after the 2020 election:

  • Poll Worker, Observer in the 2020 Election
  • Volunteered as an Observer in the Great American Audit.
  • Election Integrity Team at America Pack recruiting Poll Workers and Poll Observers as early as January 2021.
  • Member of WOA now Patriots of Arizona assisting in community outreach.
  • Participated in the canvass with Liz Harris
  • EZAZ Pie Club member. 
  • Maricopa County Republican team trainer for poll observers; conducting over 25 trainings.
  • MCTEC observer and participated in the Hand Count. 

As an Inspector in the Primary and General, I experienced firsthand the chaos of the 2022 mid-term election.

I am looking forward to working with this great team and working for you as Secretary of the Great LD3.

VOTE Mission 2024 Team!